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About Us

Four Elements is owned and run by Peter and Samantha Davies and our three boys Lachlan, Ben and Ollie.   Sam has worked as an early childhood teacher for more than two decades and Peter spent thirteen years as a leader in the Sea Scouts.  Driven by an interest in nature, the environment, sustainability and education Peter and Sam moved from Perth in 2000 and opened Four Elements in 2006.

Over time increasing urbanisation and electronic forms of entertainment have changed what it means to be a kid in todays world.  For many children today the opportunity to roam the neighbourhood on your bike, with your dog in tow, harrassing the tadpoles in the local lakes, and exploring the remnant bushland around home simply does not exist.  Even our backyards have shrunk as the suburban block has got smaller and our houses bigger.  The net result of all of this is many of todays children live a large part of their lives indoors and have very little opportunity for physical forms of play or to engage with nature.

Through her profession Sam has learnt of the significant effects this is having on childrens development both physically and mentally and has been instrumental in introducing nature playgrounds and enhanced physical activities progams at school.  These effects are well documented by respected writers in the education field - if you are interested you can start to learn more here -  Nature Play WA  or Maggie Dent

We believe all kids should have the opportunity to see the outdoor world and unplug for a while, its a fundamental part of being human.  Four Elements has evolved to become a vehicle for these philosophies and we have developed an extensive program of farm activities to provide opportunities for your children to get outdoors,  engage with nature and even learn a bit.  The best thing about it is these activities are tremendous fun and we get a lot of repeat visitors explaining they simply had no choice but to return because their kids simply would not stop talking about it.   No coercion required!  Lately  we even have some of the local schools making day trips with a bus load of children simply to participate in the activities.

Our activities usually run for about half an hour in the morning and most days again in the evening.  We believe its an experience your kids will remember long into adulthood!